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Fish finder's judgment of depth and fish

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Sonar technology in fishfinders uses sound propagation and reflection to determine the distance and shape of objects. This product is to use this technology, the use of sonar sensors to reflect the underwater objects and the bottom of the water are reflected back, the sonar sensor sends a sound wave signal, the signal will reflect the object will come back, and then according to the reflection time and wave type Calculate its distance and location. Let's introduce the fish finder's judgment of depth and fishery.

1, the depth of the fishfinder display

When the power is turned on and the sensor is placed in water, the depth reading is in the lower left leg and the depth detection range is 0.4-100m. If the depth exceeds this range, the depth data will show "-"

Note that the "-" display of the electronic fish finder may also indicate that the water is dirty or that there is a lot of silt at the bottom of the water. Sonar signals can only propagate in a single medium. If air is between the sensor and water, the product will not work properly.

2, fish finder fish show

When the product detects the fish, the corresponding position of the right scale will be lit, and the fish icon will be displayed on the monitor and will remain in the window for 5 seconds and then move it to the right.

Note: The icon of the fish moves from right to left. It does not represent the actual whereabouts of the fish in the water. It only represents the appearance of fish. The depth of the fish can be determined by using the depth indication of the scale on the right side of the window. The ruler divides the depth of water into 10 parts, and the depth of the fish can be estimated based on the position of the fish.

For example, when the water depth is 20 meters and the fish is displayed in the 5th unit, it means that the depth of the fish is 10 meters away from the water surface. When the fish group is found, the alarm sound is rapid and the alarm sound is slow when a single fish is found.

3, fish finder water and stone display

If the fish icon appears in the fish finder, it means that there is water in the bottom of the fish finder. According to how much the water grass icon appears, it can determine the number of plants. On the left side of the water grass icon is a stone sign. According to the number of stone signs, the number of underwater stones can be judged. If three stone signs appear, it means that there are a lot of stones, stumps, and reefs under the water.

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