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What is a Fishfinder and How Does it Work?

- Aug 27, 2018 -

A fishfinder is a device used by boatmen to locate fish in the water. Fishfinders work on the technology of the SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system. A fishfinder is a very important device in today’s fishing process and also for those looking forward to fishing as a leisure activity.

A fishfinder displays the location of a fish in a digital screen that can be either of a LCD or a CRT type. The technology of the fishfinder was first used in the 90s and has been constantly up-graded since. In today’s times, the fishfinders’ technology is developed to include even systems like the GPS, electronic compasses and radar, making the device even more reliable than even before.

Working & Display of Fishfinder

There is a transmitter located on the ship, which sends signals in the waves. The SONAR system uses the aspect of echoes to reflect back the waves to the transmitter. The reflected waves are recorded and a signal is sent to the screen.

In order to make sure the signals received are not false signals, the waves coming after getting reflected from fishes are displayed differently as compared to those coming from stones, corals or other obstructions. Thus, echoes differ in size and form when there are fishes in the water unlike when the water is clear of fishes. Things other than fishes are displayed with different symbols.

The display screen shows the presence of a fish in the water with the help of a symbol in the form of a fish. This display sometimes changes to become arches on the screen when the boat is cruising over that part of the water where the fishes are located. However, the display of the fish is unique so that the person monitoring the digital screen will not have any confusion regarding the presence of fishes and other underwater plants and stray weed.

Fishfinders Available in the Market

There are different types or brands of fishfinders that are available. The most popular ones are humminbird fishfinder, lowrance fishfinder, the eagle fishfinder, garmin fishfinder, and furuno fishfinder.  Each of these types is unique as they offer different depth to which the technology can penetrate into the water and display the presence of fishes in the water. The lowrance fishfinder models are very important because these models help to locate fishes especially in cold and icy areas. The price of a fishfinder starts at a modest price of US $ 100. The prices vary according to the different models of fishfinders.

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