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How The Sensor Passes The Signal

- Jul 24, 2017 -

First, through the induction head sensing external action body;

Secondly, the sensor head transmits information to the control system;

Finally, the control system to make the relevant instructions.

People in order to obtain information from the outside world, must rely on the sensory organs.

Sensor summary picture selection (6 photos)

And by their own sensory organs, in the study of natural phenomena and laws and production activities in their function is not enough. In order to adapt to this situation, the need for sensors. So it can be said that the sensor is the extension of human facial features, also known as the electricity facial features.

The advent of the new technological revolution, the world began to enter the information age. In the process of using information, the first thing to solve is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is to obtain the natural and production areas of the main means of information and means.

In the modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, to use a variety of sensors to monitor and control the production process of the various parameters, so that equipment in the normal state or the best condition, and the product to achieve the best quality. So it can be said that there are not many excellent sensors, modern production will lose the foundation.

In the basic disciplines, the sensor has a more prominent position. The development of modern science and technology, into many new areas: for example, in the macro to observe the thousands of light years of the vast universe, microscopic observation of small particles to fm world, vertical observation of up to hundreds of thousands of years of celestial evolution , Short to s instant reaction. In addition, there have been a variety of extreme technical research, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high vacuum, super magnetic field, ultra-weak magnetic field, and so on, which have important role in deepening material knowledge, opening up new energy and new materials. Obviously, to obtain a large number of human senses can not directly access the information, there is no adaptation of the sensor is not possible. Many of the barriers to basic scientific research are, above all, the difficulty of obtaining object information, and the emergence of new mechanisms and high sensitivity detection sensors often leads to breakthroughs in the field. The development of some sensors is often a pioneer in the development of some marginal disciplines.

Sensors have penetrated into areas such as industrial production, cosmic development, marine exploration, environmental protection, resource surveys, medical diagnostics, bioengineering, and even cultural protection. It is no exaggeration to say that from the vast space, to the vast ocean, as well as a variety of complex engineering systems, almost every modern project, are inseparable from a variety of sensors.

Thus, the sensor technology in the development of the economy, promote social progress in the important role is very obvious. All countries in the world attach great importance to the development of this field. I believe that in the near future, sensor technology will be a leap, to achieve its important position commensurate with the new level.

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