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Use This Intelligent Fish Finder Before Fishing Starts

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Fishing is a long history of outdoor sports, through the ages, how many people intoxicated with this activity, with their love of nature, the passion of life, to the river, the lake and even deep sea, enjoy the mountains and rivers around the world at the same time, But also to enjoy the joy of success, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the mysteries of nature.

In addition to a good fishing rod, this intelligent fish exploration device may make you more with less. This is called Deeper intelligent fish exploration device 3.0 detection equipment for all kinds of professional or amateur fishing enthusiasts, is a sonar function of the detection ball, it will receive the sonar through the bottom of the sonar receiver signal and fired to the phone Such as mobile devices.

Deeper Discovery Equipment has won the Best Innovation Award for Wireless Portable Equipment Category CES (2016) and won the Best Electronics Product Award at the 26th China International Fishing Tackle.

It sends a detailed view of the depth of the floor, the topography, the temperature, the vegetation status, and the aquarium location, and sends it to your smart device to help you put the bait in the right area.

It has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer device, the farthest transmission distance of up to 40 meters, it will be through the Bluetooth sonar collected data sent to the mobile device, no need to connect the network will be able to use.

Of course, before the need to use the first mobile phone and other intelligent devices and the sensor pairing connection, not connected can not use sonar monitoring function, but other functions can be used without connection.

This detector can collect underwater information and draw an electronic chart, the mobile phone APP received electronic navigation chart will help you to detect the bait position, small objects (such as rafts, rocks, vegetation, or even small holes), fish Group location.

The intelligent finder can measure the depth of water, it has a very powerful sonar system. Whether in fresh water or seawater, the effective detection range of up to 0.5-40 meters. Built-in temperature sensor can detect the temperature in the water, can monitor the accurate water temperature fluctuations, let you know the best bite time.

It uses a dual-beam fish detection device with dual fish detection. Using a narrow wave of 290 Hz (15 degrees angle) to detect high-precision fish, as well as wide-wave 90 Hz (55 degrees angle) wide range of fire underwater.

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