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American scientists use marine animals as sensors

- Jul 24, 2017 -

US researchers have turned seals, sea lions, walruses, tuna and sharks (a total of 23 species) into "marine sensors", where they have fixed the necessary equipment to send data via satellites, biologists and oceanographers expect to use this Method to obtain valuable information.

"We use these marine animals as sensors that tell us about the living conditions in the ocean and how animals can use the marine environment, where they travel, where they do," explains Daniel Costa, who is in charge of the program. Wait." 

For this purpose, some instruments are "equipped" for marine animals, and are actually microcomputers with a complete set of sensors developed by the British Marine Mammalian Research Organization (SMRU). With these instruments, the position of the animal, the swimming speed, the underwater depth at the time of swimming, the dive duration, and the salinity of the seawater at the different depths can be determined at the same time.

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