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Sounding equipment

- Jul 24, 2017 -

A navigational instrument that measures water depth is also a necessary tool for waterway measurements.

The sounding hammer comes from the original water depth measuring tool sounding rod (commonly known as the flower bar). The vertical probe into the water to touch the bottom of the water, the observation rod on the depth of the mark that the depth of the measured point. The drill rod is only suitable for shallow waters. With a string of hammer rope instead of bamboo, the rope to the different colors of the mark that the depth, known as the sounding hammer, also known as water mound, has been in use since 2000 history. In the ship, the sounding hammer is generally suitable for measuring the water depth of 30 meters, when the ship is stationary, up to 60 meters.

Mechanical depth sounder 1878, W. Thomson according to the depth and pressure is proportional to the principle of making mechanical depth sounder. It is close to the lead hammer at the Department of the cable on the sounding glass tube, coated with seawater discoloration of chemicals, open end down, when the lead hammer touched the sea, under the action of water pressure, the sea into the tube, according to the glass Tube color change the length, we can see the depth of water. Its measurement depth of up to 180 meters, but the error is large, and by the speed and weather conditions.

Echo Sounder In 1918, the French physicist P. Lang et al. Used sound waves in the water to propagate the speed of the basic constant characteristics of the invention of the echo sounder. This instrument measurement speed, high accuracy, in a very short period of time, continuous access to the depth of the multi-point, basically to meet the requirements of the line into the line can be sounding.

The Echo Sounder is currently the most widely used device for measuring water depth, consisting of a transmitter, a transmitter, a receiver, a receiver, a display, and a power supply. The display is divided into pointer type, flash type, recording type, digital type and picture type by way of water depth. An echo sounder can have one or more display modes. In order to ensure the safe navigation of the ship and the ease of reading of the water depth, a shallow water alarm device and a transducer depth correction device may be added to the display section. Sound waves are spread in water. Therefore, the operating frequency of the ship echo sounder, the minimum depth of action and the maximum depth of the role of technical indicators, depending on the depth of the use of measuring instruments vary. Usually, the operating frequency selected in about 14 ~ 200kHz (deep water with low-grade, shallow water with high-grade). The minimum depth of the role of up to 0.1 to 0.3 meters; the maximum depth of the role of up to ten thousand meters.

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