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Echo sounder working principle and use

- Jul 24, 2017 -

The acoustic sounder is an instrument that measures the depth of water using acoustic reflection information, typically composed of an oscillator, a transducer, a transducer, an amplifier, and so on. We need to understand the knowledge of the product of the echo sounder, today Xiaobian to specifically introduce the working principle and use of the sonometer, hoping to help users better application of the product.

Echo sounder working principle

Echo detection equipment is the first class of underwater acoustic instruments, this device has been widely used. All of these devices share a common feature: they use a set of transmit transducers to emit sound waves underwater, so that the sound waves propagate along the sea water until they come back to the target and then reflected back. The reflected sound is received Receiver. And then by the sonar or computer processing received signal, and then determine the target parameters and types.

Echo detection devices are also different, so they tend to use different transmit and receive transducers, so the sound signal frequency and waveform are also different. In fact, the difference between the different echo detection equipment, the main difference is mainly in the echo signal on the different processing methods. Now, this principle has been widely used in the following hydropower equipment: echo depth sounder, side scan sonar, acoustic Doppler flow meter and fish detector and so on. The invention and use of these instruments and equipment for the study of the ocean, the development of the ocean, the use of the ocean made an important contribution.

Echo sounder use

In special cases, the position can be identified by measuring the water depth

In the opening of new or shallow water navigation, can be used to navigate to ensure that the ship sailing

It provides accurate and reliable data on waterway and port measurements

The invention of the Echo Sounder provides a powerful means of measuring the depth of water for the majority of marine workers, since it can quickly and accurately measure continuous data of water depth when the vessel sails, so it will soon become the main instrument for water depth measurement, Now it has been widely used in waterway survey, underwater topographic survey, sea survey, vessel navigation and positioning and so on.

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