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What instruments to observe the ocean

- Jul 24, 2017 -

The basic tools for observing and measuring ocean phenomena are usually equipment for sampling, measurement, observation, analysis and data processing, etc. Ocean observing instruments are designed to meet the needs of oceanographic research. Some countries are named after oceanographic instruments. Called ocean instruments.

Development Overview As early as the mid-15th century, it was developed by the measurement of seawater depth of the instrument but a relatively simple and reliable temperature measurement tool was developed in 1874. Then the design of the Ekman flow meter .20 century early developed .1938 developed a mechanical, which can quickly observe the water temperature with the depth of the changes until the 1950s, the ocean observation of the main use of mechanical equipment, echo sounder is the only electronic measuring device. 60 years later, the ocean The observation instrument is widely used in the design of the new technology, the progressive realization of the electronic. Ocean observing instrument of electronic, from the single measuring instruments began, and later development of multi-factor integrated equipment, for example, in the future, ocean observing instruments will continue to improve Structure, reduce power consumption, increase reliability, in addition to sensor diversification, the signal form and instrument terminals will become increasingly common, and further to the intelligent development.

Types of marine observing instruments Marine observing instruments can be divided into acoustic instruments, optical instruments, electronic instruments, mechanical instruments, telemetry remote sensing instruments, etc. They can also be classified into marine equipment, submersible Equipment, buoy equipment, shore station equipment and aircraft, satellite equipment, including marine marine observation equipment varieties, according to its mode of operation can be divided into discarded, self-starting, hanging, towing, etc.. When the sensor part into the sea, the observed data through the wire or radio waves transmitted to the ship, the sensor is no longer recovered after the use of self-return instrument observation sunk into the sea, complete the measurement or sampling task after the release of ballast, by The buoyant instrument is transported from the side of the ship to the sea and is observed in the case of an anchor or rafting vessel. The towing instrument works from the stern into the sea and is towed behind the ship. Aerial observation.

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