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The principle of four depth sounder

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Echo sounder

Echo sounder working principle is the use of transducers in the water sound waves, when the sound waves encountered obstacles and reflected back to the transducer, according to the time of the sound wave and the measured waters of the sound wave propagation speed, you can find The distance between the obstacle and the transducer. The propagation velocity of sound waves in seawater varies with the temperature, salinity and water pressure of seawater. In the marine environment, the greater the physical quantity, the greater the speed of sound. At room temperature, the sound velocity in seawater is typically 1500 m / s and the sound velocity in fresh water is 1450 m / s. Therefore, before using the acoustic sounder, the instrument should be calibrated and the calculated value should be corrected.

Ultrasonic depth sounder

Ultrasonic depth sounder working principle is based on the ultrasonic energy in uniform media uniform linear transmission, in case of different media surface reflection from the principle of design. Ultrasonic depth sounder is the body of water for the ultrasonic media, the depth of the ultrasonic transducer will be placed in a certain position underwater, the depth of the transducer to the bottom of the water can be based on ultrasonic propagation speed and ultrasonic signals emitted to the back The time interval is calculated.

Water depth sounder

The water level is well covered with a unique design designed to prevent the bridge. The bridge often encounters a similar water level sounder during the pump test. All well water level sounding devices are sensitive to different water quality. This sensitivity control prevents false readings at high conductivity, which is ideal for pumping and cutting tests. When the water level sound of the probe assembly makes the contact with the water, a bright light emitting diode and buzzer sounds on the reel.

As well as a sound level to form a strong national tax certification polyethylene cover, will be accurately understood as 0.01 feet or 1 mm. Tape reel are built resistant polycarbonate (or unit, more than four thousand feet of cable, lighter aluminum).

The sounder is battery powered, so there is no risk of shock from external power. The two conductors are individually grounded unnecessarily, so the instrument will function equally in uncased test holes or uncased well rocks. Water entry and leakage from the casing or perforation of the water level does not affect the depth of the table.

Crack depth sounder

When the vibration energy propagates through the concrete, the vibration energy is diffracted at the end of the crack, and the diffraction angle has a geometric relationship with the depth of the crack. When using the crack depth gauge crack depth value and the received waveform with the screen display, to ensure that the data is accurate, and reliable; waveform, a data synchronous memory, to view the original information, review transactions; intelligent interpretation of crack depth, Chinese interface that displays information visually, rich; Windows Under the analysis software, powerful, data analysis, search, backup; easy, and can generate WORD format test report.

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