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The type of Echo sounder

- Jul 24, 2017 -

The appearance of the echo sounder, the sea depth measurement technology has undergone a fundamental change. There are a variety of different types of sounding instruments, such as sinking compensation sounder, towing depth sounder, multi-beam depth sounder and so on, all of which are developed due to the needs of marine exploration.

People according to the depth of the work of different design and manufacture of different sizes of sounding instruments. The small depth sounder operates at a frequency of about 100 kHz, and the transducer is small and can be used on a boat for measuring the depth of the ocean from tens of meters to several hundred meters. The large-scale depth sounder operating frequency of about a few kilohertz, the larger size of the transducer can be measured up to 10,000 meters deep in the world's deep waters of the ocean.

In addition, there is a dual-frequency depth sounder. The so-called dual-frequency depth sounder refers to the use of high and low frequency of two different working depth of the instrument. The depth sounder is suitable for measuring sediments with muddy mud, which can detect harder submarines with lower frequency tests or detect muddy surfaces with higher operating frequencies.

Now, the echo sounder display, recording methods are also a variety of different types. Modern depth sounder in addition to the use of discharge or thermal paper recorder records, there are digital display and storage, and even can be combined with the computer and automatically draw the submarine topographic map and other different ways.

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