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What is the difference between a sonar sensor and an ultrasonic sensor?

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Sonar sensors and ultrasonic sensors are often heard of the two detection devices, many people think that these two are a sensor, in fact, not, what is between the two sensors What is the difference? Please listen to me to explain to you.

The sonar sensor directly detects and identifies the contours of the objects and the bottom of the water. The sonar sensor emits a sonic signal that will be reflected back when it encounters an object and calculates its distance and position based on the reflection time and wave pattern. The ultrasonic sensor uses ultrasonic waves The characteristics of the developed sensor. Ultrasonic is a vibration frequency higher than the acoustic wave of mechanical waves, by the transducer in the voltage excitation under the excitation, it has a high frequency, short wavelength, diffraction phenomenon is small, especially the direction of good, can be a ray and orientation Communication and other characteristics. Sonar sensors are mainly used to detect organisms, such as for the detection of what organisms at the bottom of the water, how biological and so on. Often ask you to hear the device used to detect the monster is the sonar sensor.

Ultrasound on the liquid, solid penetration ability, especially in the sun opaque solid, it can penetrate the depth of tens of meters. Ultrasound encountered impurity or interface will produce a significant reflection of the formation of reflection into the echo, hit the object can produce Doppler effect. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industry, defense, biomedical and so on. Ultrasonic sensor is the use of ultrasonic characteristics developed from the sensor. In the industry, the typical application of ultrasound is the metal non-destructive testing and ultrasonic thickness measurement of two. Ultrasonic sensor in the medical application is mainly to diagnose the disease, it has become an indispensable diagnosis of clinical medicine.

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