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Sonar Fish Finder And Visual Fish Finder Which Is Good

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Two kinds of fish exploration principle is different. The sonar is used to sound the sonar, and the sonar technology is based on the principle of acoustic transmission. Can detect the bottom state, contour, composition, and water depth (from the bottom of the probe). The sonar finder measures the distance after the wave is emitted by the sound of the object. At the same time through the reflection of the acoustic signal, the fish can identify the location of the object, size, composition, water density and so on!

And visual fish finder it is different with the traditional is more than the LCD screen, mini suspension fishing camera, super tensile cable and multi-functional support, then it has any advantage? You can see the type of fish underwater, you can also see how the fish is hooked, presumably before this is not seen!

But also to see the fish in the water under an activity. With the video function, save the underwater scene, used to share to the network, to the netizens to see how the fish in the end eat bait.

Look at the situation of eating bait in the water, according to the fish bait to adjust the state of bait, or bait taste.

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