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The Working Principle Of Sonar Detector

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Sonar detector and crying detector, is a kind of application of acoustic wave in the underwater transmission characteristics, through the electro-acoustic conversion with information processing, to achieve underwater detection and communication obligations of electronic equipment, automatic and active two varieties Type, belonging to the scope of acoustic positioning. It uses the sound waves in the water to stop the detection of underwater objects, positioning with the communication, is the use of water acoustics, the most common one of the installation.

Dolphins and whales and other mainland mammals are "underwater sonar", they can occur a very determined signal to explore the food with each other. Dolphin sonar sensitivity is high, can be invented how many meters outside the diameter of 0.2mm wire with diameter lmm nylon rope, can only difference between the difference of 200 o s time of the two signals, can invent the number of meters away The dolphin son of the "purpose of identification" can be very strong, not only to identify the difference between the fish, to identify the brass, but also to identify the fish in the pool, Aluminum, bakelite, plastic and other different materials, but also to identify the sound of his own voice with people to record its sound and replay the sound; dolphin son's anti-annoyance can also be amazing, if there is noise annoying, it Will be the strength of the cry beyond the noise, so that my determination is not affected; and, dolphin son also exists emotional expression, has proved that dolphins are a "speech" of the plants, their "talk" is through Process its sonar system.

Especially the only one of the four kinds of seaweed in the world of the most expensive - China's Yangtze River in the despicable white dolphin, its son system "division of labor" to understand, inaction with the use of inaction, inaction alarm, and There is a special effect of modulating the phase by the frequency modulation.

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