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Why The Fish Probe Will Know Whether There Is No Fish Underwater

- Jul 24, 2017 -

The fish finder is an abbreviation for a fish detector, which is an electronic device designed to detect the distribution of underwater fish stocks, usually on fishing vessels. In the course of the sailing of a fishing vessel, it constantly emits sound waves and judges the availability, size, location and type of fish stocks in accordance with the echo signals in the ocean in order to increase the production of fishery fishing.

In marine fishing operations, the transporter of the fishmeter will stop to emit sound pulses into the water and receive various reflection signals in the ocean. These reflected signals can be analyzed directly after the test tube, or recorded on the thermal paper. The distance between the emission pulse and the echo pulse is measured, and the size of the fish is judged according to the gray scale and the size of the echo. Then, the fish species is judged based on the gray scale, the depth and the motion law. Typically, the frequency of the fish detector is tens of kilohertz, the role of the distance of about 1 nautical mile.

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